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So I started working on getting my links updated, and frankly, it's harder than I expected. It's one thing to try to write for anybody to see instead of a specific group....but it's a completely new task to try to find appropriate links for all to see. I know it probably shouldn't matter....technically, you should all see the same sides of me, I suppose, but that's not exactly how it works....and 'most' people are like that, so I know I'm not alone in it.

I have three routes I can go with this.

  1. I can continue to try to go through my links and find ones that are appropriate for everyone.
  2. I can list everything and most of you won't bother to go through them all....and the sheer volume of them would imply that I spend very little time at each, so it wouldn't have any bearing on how I'm seen....maybe, lol.
  3. I can delete what I have already and not add any links period. Problem solved, right? Nope, not really, because there are a handful of people who have already asked me to link to them from here.
Anywho, we'll see. For now, I'm going to try to update the blog with a few of the things I've had sitting here waiting. I have tons of other things I 'should' be doing instead, but I really don't feel like moving, so I might as well make myself feel halfway productive by writing.

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