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Professional Advice?

Hey sexy, what's goin' on? Probably workin' hard at the big....OH-HI-OH State University. I know you're probably in class or asleep....which sleep is good for you, ya know? I got a new phone. This is the new phone number. *555-5555* Give me a call sometime. I really need to talk to you. I got some shit goin' on and I need professional advice. Alright, I'll talk to you later. Bye.

That would be the voicemail left on my phone by my best friend. She started off perky and within seconds she sounded horrible. I have yet to get back ahold of her, despite attempts, but I can guarantee she's in the process of convincing herself to stay with her fiance....even though we all know she needs to go. She probably won't even return my phone call for a few days because things will have blown over a bit, and she'll be cautious to tell me. She knows I'll back her no matter what, and she'll tell me everything....but she doesn't want to admit most of the stuff out loud. She's staying because of her comfort zone. It may not be 'wonderful', but at least she knows how things are going to go. *Sigh*

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