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The Art of Stealing Blog Ideas

So this chica Katie is going through Time Magazine's All-Time Top 100 Novels and 30 Books You Should Read before You Die...and she's, well, reading them all. I'd give you some excuse about not having enough time to do that (and I don't really), but considering I'm sitting here writing in a blog, I don't feel it's fair to say such a thing. I could be using these 20 minutes (while my laundry is washing, might I add) to read...but I just plain don't want to. I have a gigantic forgotten mental list of books that I'm supposed to read (not to mention the humongous "oh my god, that's a wonderful movie, you *have* to watch it like now" list that people keep adding to)....so this just looks somewhat overwhelming (eh....after glancing over some of the titles, I'd have to say somewhat 'under'whelming, too....).

But, for the sake of making use of the time I spent reading her entries, I'm reposting the links anyway, so maybe someone else will go and read them....or maybe, I might go back to this in a long while and realize that it's time to start reading some of them (because there really are a few of them that I want to read...I just haven't gotten around to it or I forget the titles when it's time to actually grab a book to read).

(I've seriously gotta stop using all these parentheses. I feel like I'm supposed to apologize, but again, I don't feel like it. It's my blog and I'll parenthesize what I want...and there's nothing you can do about it. :P)

(One load of laundry is officially done...jeans, in case you were wondering....and now it's time to move on to the next task...which is 'not' reading a classic.....)

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