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Hair Cuts and Nose Piercings

So I should definitely not be up right now....and I should not be posting, of all things....but if I'm going to be up, I might as well, eh?

*kicks all the Canadians she knows*

It's just a good thing I can type so quickly because otherwise, it'd make me look like I had way more time on my hands than I really do. How I manage to write this much, I'm not sure, but then again, I used to hand write things quite often during classes in school, so this is much more time efficient. I guess it helps that I'm only taking a set amount of classes and working a single part time job, too. I really 'do' have too much time on my hands compared to what I should, but I'm still busier than people realize so....there's my mini-explanation.

Above me (well, above this box) I have several firefox tabs open. So many, in fact, that it's gone beyond merely shrinking the size of the tabs, to now adding an arrow so I can scroll to the hidden ones that no longer fit. Half of the tabs are ones that I've looked at in the last 20 minutes and that I will continue to bounce back and forth with. The other half are tabs that I've left open specifically for the purpose of mentioning here for one reason or another.

Guess what time it is. Yep, you got it. Time to touch on those so I can close the tabby thingys and move on with my life. Weeee...!!!

So first things first. I already have the title in place, so I absolutely must talk about them. It's in an unwritten contract, ya know? Everything here is allowed to be edited, but once that title goes in, it's there to stay. I rarely write the title before the rest (whether it's here, in emails, for stories, blah, blah, blah), but because I did this time, I'm bound. I don't know what they (the blog police, that is) would do to me if I broke that rule, hidden in the fine print of the blog manual I never received. ~shifty eyes~

I wonder if they'll mind if I talk about them in reverse order, though....because I stumbled across them in reverse. Maybe they'll only torture me partially for screwing it up. And now I'm wondering what the favorite blog police torture treatment is. And how does one become part of this elite group of internet weirdos? Hmmm.

I'm never going to get to the point at this rate. Rawr!
This is the nose piercings issue. For those of you who stumble across my blog and obviously have the time to waste on reading random blogs, then read through that. For those of you who are only here because you are stalking me, then I'll summarize for you:

A woman takes out her nose ring. A layer of skin grows, so that she can't put it back in. She asks her husband if she should get it redone. He tells her that if it'll make the hole bigger, don't bother, but otherwise go ahead. She brings up that he seems nonchalant about it when he originally didn't like it anyway. He still doesn't like it, but it's her choice, and because she's already done it, there's nothing to fight about. He continues to go into detail with her about her appearance and how he doesn't necessarily think it fits her (she's 38 and he feels like she's still trying to portray a much younger age). They go back and forth discussing how he thinks she needs to notice how she looks on the outside to other people, in addition to making sure she's still portraying herself and her personality.....and she goes on to say things like " I was following my own style. It seems you’ve mistaken that for the style of someone twenty years old." Back and forth, back and forth. It gets somewhat lengthy in descriptions and counterpoints at one point, but here's a good clip in the beginning:

Wife: Oh. I thought maybe after you saw it you didn’t think it was so bad but it seems your opinion hasn’t changed. On a scale of 1-10, just out of curiosity, how bad does this look on me?

Husband: I’d say it’s a 8-9. You’re about 15 years too old to wear that in my opinion.

Wife: With 10 being the worst?

Husband: Yep.

Wife: I see.

Husband: You asked.

Wife: Yeah, I did.

Husband: This is in no way meant as an insult. This is how much I dislike tattoos and needles in the face of anyone. I don’t think it’s attractive at all.

Wife: So you think it’d be okay to start dying my hair those bright, fruity colors “women my age” all do, then?

Why am I talking about this? Because I *love* how they react to one another. He's perfectly comfortable telling her that he finds it unattractive...and she's perfectly comfortable accepting this, and then somewhat defending her own actions, while still listening to his points. He even admits his own faults about trying to look sportier than he is and she talks about why she wears tennis shoes instead of high heels. He finishes the phone call with:
Husband: I love you. I really, really love you with all my heart.
You'd think that this could've easily been an intense argument....a husband telling his wife that she should consider dressing more appropriate for her age (hello...that would just scream "you're getting old!!" to the majority of the women I know in that age range). Instead, it was interesting to see each other's sides....and even better to see how she finished her entry:
(I retired the nose piercing. I’ve decided to get one in a different, less obvious place soon. What can I say? The nonconformist in me is hard to kill.)

*Giggles* I'm actually kind of surprised she didn't get it repierced there out of spite or rebellion alone, but it looks like she's going to get her own sweet satisfaction anyway while still listening to her husband's concerns. I SO WANT THAT! I'm jealous, lol.

I can't help but wonder now wear she's going to pierce for it to be 'less obvious'. Not that I want to further point out her age, but I adore that she's 38 and still so spunky/feisty about things like this. I want 'that', too, although I hope I'm not going in for more piercings by that time. I can just see me now....showing off my hidden body alterations to my kids/grandkids. On second thought, maybe it'd make the rest of the neighborhood kids like me (because you know most of them will be using me for my cookies anyway)....and then I can draw them in and corrupt them 'all'. *Adds piercings to her list of extra things to do by the time she's 40* Hehe. ~more of those wonderful shifty eyes....and let's toss in an evil grin, too~

Do you think this would be a bit too much? I don't want to scare them....yet....


Ya see, now the hair cut one doesn't really fit, but it's still about pointing out other people's blogs (which I love doing now, by the way, because I've met some great people during my blog stalking, and I like being able to pass on links to other people....they enjoy getting new readers, the new readers enjoy a quick laugh/etc, and I enjoy being able to make it happen, hehe).

So right, hair cuts. The subject seems to keep coming up in the last week from discussing how much people will pay for them to needing one myself (it's not even Thanksgiving and it's already reached the point of where I'm wearing it up more than not because it needs cut) to now this.

I giggled at this one, too. A long story short (although not as giggle worthy), a woman doesn't like her hair cut, wants it redone, but insists that it be done 'today' (well, it was Friday) because she can't have it done during full moon. This was from the perspective of the woman who left the salon four hours later because the stylist had to keep messing with the crazy lady who couldn't decide what she really wanted done....but that had to have it done 'right then'. She ends her blog with:

Four hours after entering the salon, Janna emerges and travels across town to meet Sanjay and Rob, her Kansas City road trip crew.

J: This woman needed her hair cut before the full moon.

-blank, incredulous stares-

J: Yeah, that was my thought.
S: Who is that crazy?
J: I am pleased to say that I not only know the answer to that question, I have also met her in person.

Hehe. Fortunately for that woman, I've met crazier....

Ya know what makes this worse, though? (No, of course you don't...but rest assured, I'm going to tell you). The woman didn't want her hair cut during the full moon because it was bad luck. But 'I' have always heard that you 'should' cut it during the full moon to promote faster growing/thicker hair. Maybe she's against having full hair....or maybe this is her way of prolonging her hair cut and ultimately saving herself some money. If she does it like this every time, and her hair doesn't grow as much, then maybe she'll be able to skip a hair cut each year. Can you imagine how much money this chick is saving? (Personally, it wouldn't save me a dime because I don't pay for mine, but judging from the conversations in the last week, some people pay some decent money for a hair cut :S).
Wanna make it even slightly more disturbing? I went and searched this topic online to verify that I wasn't imagining the advice about cutting it during a full moon. Turns out, I'm not crazy at all (well, not for this anyway). There are obviously (well, imaginable, at least) theories on this for one way or another.
Along my way, I stumbled across a Long Hair Community, too. Hehe. Oh the wonders of internet randomizing. It's like drunk dialing....but without the alcohol. Oh geez....can you imagine 'adding' the alcohol? I run across all sorts of things when given some time online when I'm sober(and no, it's not just due to my own curiosity or random link clicking....people actually send me some of this crap, too, and that's just asking for trouble).

The song Long Haired Country Boy is now running through my mind. This is sad. *Giggles and pictures the nose piercing lady dancing to the old song in a goofy manner* Pathetic, I tell ya. Hehe.

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