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Just a Piece of Meat

(old picture, but surprisingly fitting anyway :S)

So I'm browsing along, minding my own business when I stumble across an article about bestiality loopholes in Norway/Denmark. Now the article itself brings up its own issues about suffering/injury, immorality being illegal, blah, blah, blah. It's a decent article, but that's really not what made me ponder much.

In correspondence with the animal owners, the newspaper was told that the animals involved have many years of experience and that the animals themselves wanted sex.
*This* did make me wonder, though. How on earth do they know if they actually wanted the sex themselves?? And even if they did, how do they know that they're wanting sex with a *human*?? Does the horse just suddenly neigh some hidden language that spills all its deepest, darkest fantasies?
And just 'how many' years of experience are we talking about here? Do we have cow prostitutes with 10+ years of experience? That raises yet another question....is this better or worse than being sent to the slaughter house? Or better yet, after they're whored out for years, are they then sent off to be turned into leather or glue...or the meat on your plate?

I swear, the next time I bite into a steak, I'm going to wonder if Ol' Betsy used to be a much younger, hipper, even sexier...(prepare your best mental sexy Norwegian cow accent for this)....Madame Betsy. Her entire life history will pass before my eyes as I cut her into pieces and I'll think to myself "she's never been anything more than just a piece of meat." R.I.P. Betsy. :(

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