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Recently I was introduced to a set of forums that revolved strictly around blogging. After exploring for a couple hours over the course of a few days, I realized that they had much, much more than just forums....and that even their forums were quite amazing, ranging from technical support, to suggestions on how to improve your blog, to even just fun conversations. I'm a member of a popular writing board, in general, but their blog board is nothing compared to this one....and it's quite outstanding given the fact that they've only been around for a few months.

Babbling won't cover everything they offer, though, so I'll shut up and just give you the link. If you're interested in knowing 'anything' more about blogging, then it's worth your clicks. Enjoy!

Here's the link to link.....blog directory, tons of articles, and lots of resources.

And here's the link to link themselves. Come join us! (There's my plug for the day, lol).

~Edit~ I don't want to simply delete any posts I've made, but I no longer support this site and don't want to point people in the wrong direction.

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