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Forbidden Fruit

Just a quickie to point out how CJ's Blog brings new meaning to the phrase "forbidden fruit" in his entry "Bus Fruit."

On the bus, on the way home from class on Wednesday, I took a seat at the rear across from some fruit. Someone had left an orange and a baggy of grapes on the seat. People started filling the seats around me and around the fruit. Rather than move the fruit and sit in the seat, people were taking seats beside it and once the seats were all taken, people would look as if they were going to sit down but once they noticed the fruit on the seat, they opted to stand.

What's shocking about this is that rather than pick up the fruit and put it in the garbage can at the front of the bus on their way off, people decided they'd rather stand and leave the fruit undisturbed.

God forbid anyone would want touch someone else's bus fruit.
Geez. I wonder what would've happened if your guys' Adam and Eve would've avoided the fruit like the plague....these people certainly did. Maybe the forbidden fruit should've been called "bus fruit" instead....

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