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Hippo and the Dentist, Part Two

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Remember my post about the hippo's dentist bill (which had an awesome shot of a hippo's open mouth until it was removed :(....yes, I know, I should upload them to PB before posting here, but then I'd have to sign into a different account, because I don't want my main username to be linked here)? Well, here's another picture of a dandy hippo and his lovely mouth. This time, he's using preventative measures so he doesn't have such a large dentist bill. Here's the story about Thug:
LONDON -- Pygmy hippopotamus 'Thug', has his teeth cleaned with a new giant toothbrush at the London Zoo. The hippos' teeth are regularly cleaned by zoo keepers as part of their care routine and until now a broom for each hippo has done the job perfectly. Keepers decided the brooms just weren't snazzy enough for the hippos and ordered two giant 5-foot toothbrushes for the pair, a pink one for Thug and a blueone for Nicky. (12/13/06 AP photo)
(I found it!! And by total accident...not by searching....hehe)
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