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NaBloPoMo....The End

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Well, it is officially December 1, and that means that NaBloPoMo is over. I was amazed how many people committed to doing this, and I obviously expected many to fall out of the running...but I did not expect 'that' many people to stop posting everyday. Yeah, it's a hard thing to do, but considering only those who truly thought they could do it were likely to add their name, it was crazy to see some people fall out of the running within a couple days, and sad to see those who made it 3/4 of the way before having to drop. Life happens....I don't see not blogging everyday to be a failure, to say the least. I just found it interesting to watch. I'll be even more interested to see the final tally of who made it all the way through and how the prizes are distributed.....it's nice to see them rewarded for their efforts, and even some of them who missed a day or two, kept on trudging because they got their own personal benefits out of it. I met a lot of great people through this contest, so I'll continue to read some of their blogs on a regular basis from now on. This post really doesn't have a real point, other than to acknowledge that it's over and say congrats to those who made it, so yeah, yay!

(The picture is a lurker, by the way, because that's what I did since I couldn't participate....I did leave a lot of comments along the way, but for the most part, I just watched and read....)

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Anonymous said...

And thank you for commenting. I love reading what others think, and it is a cool way to find other blogs and people.

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