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Tree Chemo

Okay guys, I am sad to report that during my little hiatus, the tree we previously discussed was diagnosed with cancer. She has been receiving chemo for a bit now, and has lost all of her leaves, but she is proud of the new look and is fighting strong to help other cancer victims. We are hoping she will be back on top of things by Spring and will be better than ever. Please keep her in your thoughts.

~Disclaimer--For those of you who might think it is insensitive to bring something as serious as cancer into a random blog about trees losing their leaves, it is unlikely you've known a cancer survivor. It can be a horrendous battle, but if you lose your sense of humor in the process, it's a million times worse. You've gotta be able to poke fun at this or that in order to pull through, and that applies to more than just fighting cancer. For those of you who are currently battling it, may your leaves grow back more colorful than last season, and your roots grow stronger than ever.~

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