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I'm all about the unusual....the odd....the out of the ordinary....the interesting....the curiosity satisfiers.....the--

Should I go on?

Anywho, Katie (yes, I've linked to her before) recently completed "Operation Fake Wallet" and I'd love to see if anyone else has done it before....or is now interested in doing it now that they've read about it.

You did go read it, right? *Sigh* If not, here's the gist....she planted a fake wallet with a few fake items like credit cards inside and a phone number to call. When the wallet finder called, they chit chatted a few minutes (realized she had family in the same area he lives, that he thought it could be a bomb to begin with, and commented about getting coffee together some time). It was a really interesting read (and short, by the way, so go, go, go).

I may just have to try this sometime when I get the chance....

1 comments so far. What are your thoughts?
Anonymous said...

Let me know how it works out. Too bad she didn't get pics.

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