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Lemur Attack!! Babies vs. Cute Animals

Okay guys, I'm sorry. I told myself I wasn't going to post any cute animals for a while because I had 'so' much other content, and some of it is rather important in worldy, not-so-quirky ways.....but look at this guy!! Here's his quick little story.

One of two babies crowned lemurs (Propithecus verreauxi coronatus) born in early January 2007 is seen in this recent photo at the Parc Zoologique de Paris in nearby Vincennes. The birth of the two baby lemurs, part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programmes, increases the population to ten lemurs in captivity at the Zoo.
So instead of having kids at some point, maybe I should just go into raising cute little animals. Yes, yes, I know they grow up...they 'always' do, but then they can be released, hehe. Been there, done that.....with squirrels, raccoons, etc.. Sure, it sucks when they've gotta be released, but it's also like sending your first child off to college.....you feel that sense of being overwhelmingly proud and happy for them, even if you're sad that they're leaving or scared about whether you raised them well enough to survive on their own. The main difference is that with your children, you see them again.....with the animals, you don't. Once they're gone, they're gone.

But look at him! Who could resist that face? (All you lemur-haters, go away....and all those who giggle at how weird of a face it is and at how adorable 'I' find it, well, just keep your mouths shut :P) So anyway, you guys are going to support me with donations, right?


You better. ~Evil eye~ I expect to see the checks in the mail....and I'll think about keeping you guys updated with cute photos....I'm not sure I'd be able to share without wanting to keep them all to myself. :P

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