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So Apparently I'm a Potential Terrorist


So when I type in my name, it highlights in red. Beware. ~shifty eyes~

According to published reports in the Washington Post and elsewhere, the federal government is using an algorithmic software product known as Soundex to search databases for potential terrorists. Developed in 1918, Soundex removes vowels from names and applies numerical values to remaining consonants. Names are matched according to those resulting numerical values.

The results generated in this demonstration are a product of a compilation of the best available data regarding suspected and known terrorists. Publicly available terrorist names from various reliable government and non-governmental sources were merged to create a comprehensive list. Because federal investigators are constantly adding and deleting the identities of terrorists on various lists provided to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) there is no simple method for the taxpayer to easily acquire immediate information regarding suspect names.

S3 compared the Soundex software to its proprietary TeraMatch® software. TeraMatch® matched with 96% accuracy compared to Soundex's 15%. Importantly, TeraMatch® only matched 4% false positives-innocent people incorrectly identified-to Soundex's 85%. For more information on TeraMatch®, visit www.S3.com
(On second thought, do you think a subject line like that could get me in trouble? After all, I'm neither confirming or denying it, and it's kinda like those kids in high school or make a side comment about bringing a gun or bomb to school.....and the next thing you know, they're in the principal's office or the school is being evacuated....)

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