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There's Egg in My Egg Salad!!

(I do believe this is the longest I've gone without blogging here, so sorry guys. I was out of town the last couple weekends without much net access and I'm moving yet again this week, so busy, busy...here's a quick Easter story for you, though).

As with many traditional Easter gatherings, ours consisted of lots of hard boiled colored eggs without much of a purpose after the hunt was over. Typically for us, a few are eaten here and there and the rest are tossed out after we get tired of looking at them a week or two later.....or maybe it's the smell that forces them into the trash. Either way, we rarely end up using them beyond watching the little ones dunk them in dye and later hunting the things down.

This year, though, an aunt went ahead and whipped up some egg salad to go with the rest of our picnic-style lunch setting of sandwiches, chips, and random things like make-shift guacamole, olives, and green apples tossed in a bowl. All the little ones had been chowing down on the hard boiled eggs anyway, so they were given egg salad sandwiches first. They're on a need-to-know basis, so they weren't told what they were eating...they were just told to eat it.

Seeing as how they had been running around all morning and hadn't eaten in hours, it wasn't a surprise that they all chowed down quickly, barely taking the time to chew. As the adults finally got their food, too, the room hit patches of complete silence as we all scarfed....you'd think we hadn't eaten in days.

During one of these rare moments of silence, the four year old girl pipes up with disgust. "Ewww!! There's egg in my sandwich!!" We all looked over to see her holding up less than half of her already mangled sandwich, and couldn't help but laugh at her as she discovered that there was indeed egg in her egg salad sandwich. Poor girl. She must've assumed it was tuna salad or something, but it was a little late to complain after eating so much of it already!

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