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WWSTLPATQWOJ=Weird Web Searches That Landed People At The Quirky World of Jessi

So I've been gone for a while from blogging as regularly as before because of a couple moves and the lack of internet access during that time, but my page views didn't drop any....in fact, I got even more page hits while I was gone, which is quite sad, but oh well. The worst part is some of the search hits that landed people here, though. Now granted, we've had some quirky ones stop by that wanted to know about hippo dentistry...and we've had some typos that ended up in 'foof' searchers coming here. Even "yahoo emoticon bra" landed one lucky user here. I get some requests from time to time, too, that I like to fulfill....like users searching for lyrics or how to save the slender loris.

Well, it's that time again, and someone has searched for "see my panties," only to stumble here. Frankly, I can't stand the 'p' word and it makes me cringe every time it's used, but whatever. I originally quoted a 4 year old asking to see mine, which is how the user ended up here. Poor unsuspecting user, hoping to get a little peep show, and finding an entry about a child molesting me instead. Ah well. Maybe he/she will enjoy the granny panties above the next time they stumble across here.

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