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Drug-Free Drugs and Mental Twists (Larry Carlson)

This first link is just, um, crazy. It's slightly hypnotic, slightly annoying, and slightly dazing. There's also sound, but even without your volume up, it's kinda hard to look away (or even if you do, it's hard to not look back just to see what the heck is going on).


The second link is the one that led me to the first set of 'digital art'...


He has a blog to look through also, if you so choose, although I found the site itself more enticing.


Why did I label this drug-free drugs? Because a couple days ago, I was sent the link below and it was called an LSD simulator because of it's effect (you've probably seen something similar before). I wasn't going to post the link because it wasn't necessary and not really worth my time, but after seeing the connection to these other slightly hypnotic flash 'arts', I couldn't help it.


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