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The Masks We Wear

(Click to get the full effect)

I love this photo and I wish I could give the creator better credit. I found it on a site...that linked to a site.....that showed a gallery, but from a random internet user, and not the artist. The only tidbit I have is the Kassandra in the bottom left hand corner, so if the artist ever happens to stumble across this place (as they sometimes do when they're watching out for their own stuff...or when a friend of a friend of a friend sees it), I'd love to be able to link to his/her site and see what else he/she might have.

As it stands, though, all I have is this lonely photo....but it speaks loudly enough on its own. I don't even have to do my own write up, critique, or analysis of it.....words cannot do justice to what the masks say everyday and just happen to be captured here all at once...

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