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An Ice Cream Cone...without the Cone....But with a Cone

No really....it makes sense, I promise. Look at that thing. It's an ice cream cone...literally...but it's plastic, so it's not a 'true' ice cream cone. Kinda weird if you ask me....but hey, that's what this blog is about, so it's all good. They can be found here if for some reason you want them for yourself. $9.95 and four of these bad boys are all yours...plus shipping, of course. ;-)

On the plus side, they're dishwasher safe and don't leak...on the downside, you can't eat them! But if you're a dieter and think this is going to cut way down on calories and let you eat two scoops of ice cream guilt-free, I'm sorry to burst your bubble...one of those little basic ice cream cones only has about 20 calories....and considering how much it looks like you can fit in these plastic things, you'd end up eating more in a double scoop full of one of these than having 'two' regular sized cones. Whatever floats your boat, though!

(And fyi, I'm now craving two huge sugar cone ones, stuffed full of as many calories of chocolate I can get, but shhh....it'd give some of you crazy dieters heart attacks...wouldn't want to work you up too much)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Pffft what a waste of money! Although, they do look pretty cool!

Personally, I adore eating the wafer cones! Or even better, the biscuity cones that you get in France.

Your blog makes me hungry!

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