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Knitted Apple/Fruit Protectors

Apple covers!! Okay, so here's the description they used and I think it's quite decent. Personally, I'd never wrap my apples in knitted covers, but I can see them being adorable for those who work at a desk and would set them out (I'm thinking the images of traditional teachers or those secretaries who keep pictures out on their desks for all to see, etc). They're for other fruits, too, not just apples, so maybe you'll find some use out of them. They were featured in New York Times, though, so don't get your hopes up for quick delivery...they're out of stock!! I've also noticed that they've raised the prices since I first discovered them and it's rather disappointing, but if you really like 'em, I suppose it's worth it....

Tired of tossing an apple in your purse for a snack and retrieving it later only to find it battered and impaled on your house keys? Never eat a bruised apple again with this hand-knit, 100% cotton sleeve. Topped off with a knit leaf detail and button closure, these apple jackets aren't exactly armor, but they sure are adorable! Get one to keep your apple, pear, peach, etc. safe or give to a teacher as a great gift.

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