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PSA--Crocs and Escalators, Not a Good Mix

I've never really liked Crocs. At the camp I work at over the summer, they're big....they're huge. You're no one unless you have at least one pair of Crocs and this year, the fad was to compare the little 'charm' type items that were created to snap into the holes and make the shoes 'unique'. Frankly, I find them ugly, unappealing, clunky, inconvenient (when they're constantly slipping off my kids' feet and we've gotta slow down for them to put them back on), and far from 'unique' no matter how many plastic pieces you show into the holes. If kids want to wear them and parents want to buy them, though, then it's none of my business and I keep my mouth shut about my own personal preferences (until now, of course, but this isn't my first shoe rant...I ranted about flip flops almost a year ago).

Whether you like Crocs or not is your own choice, but for your kids and yourself, please beware of the latest string of accidents occurring. They involve your precious rubber shoes that float in the water and from what I've heard are the "most comfortable thing" to wear. And they involve those moving steps we love to use in malls....escalators. The main reports have been of children as young as 2 and have been as extreme as ripping off full toes. Not good. The article is lengthy, but it's in-depth, so if you or your kids wear Crocs, at least take the time to skim over it and when you're riding escalators, make sure children stay away from the sides and fully pick up their feet to step onto the floor at the end.

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