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Clip 'N' Go Mints and Gum

The picture above shows the mint version, but for those who aren't big mint fans or would rather avoid the extra noise they'd make, jingling on your already crowded keyring, they come in gum form, too:
Personally, I'm not a huge gum/mint user at all. In fact, I pretty much only have either of them when someone offers one to me. I know people who eat mints or chew gum almost constantly and obsessively, though, so this seemed like a great idea to me!

They have a special pink version out for this month, too, so hurry if you're interested! (I can't find an online order form, but you should keep an eye out for the new EraBrands Aura Clip 'n' Go variations.)

(I should seriously get paid for the free advertising I do for these different companies, lol....they might consider it if they even knew I existed!)

Virginia Lee said...

Cute gimmick, but if they taste lousy the market won't tolerate it. There are so many mints and gums in this world that packaging won't cut it alone. Now if they added lots of caffeine or were organic or something, the packaging and the formula gimmicks together would, in theory, work very well...

Jessi said...

I agree, Virginia. I'm hoping they'd taste halfway decent, but you never know. They could be absolutely awful, but I'm guessing they'd fall into the category of "plain" first, as a generic gum/mint flavor.

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