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I'm posting mostly over at Quirky Cookery right now, where I play with my food and teach you to have fun with it, too. Come check me out?

Happy Blogaversary Quirky!!

Yep, it's been a whole year. Looking back, here are some of the entries from my first month:

  • Blurry vs. Focused--a photo with a baby jaguar and a little boy
  • Revenge of the Flip Flops--Dun, dun, dun. I've referenced this post a few times since then, and the fact still remains that I hate flip flops. Um, and to spoil my own morals and fun, I just happen to be wearing a pair now that were forced on me over the summer...and I saw the price tag, so I'm certainly going to get the money out of them, even if that means using them to kill flies and spiders, hehe.
  • Post Secret--a long entry about some of the postcards from that week. I still visit the site weekly. I find it ironic that I posted it on my birthday considering how sad many of the postcards were, and how un-sad I was at the time....at least I think I was. Who knows? But hey, it means my birthday is in 2 days...woohoo!
  • Never Too Young--My first mini-rant, this time about someone who claimed that one is 'never' too young to grow up. I begged to differ when the person at the heart of the conversation was a preteen who had to step up and take care of children younger than herself. She 'is' too young to be forced to literally grow up and possibly miss many parts of her own childhood.
  • What is a Friend?--My first analysis of a concept here. Man, I used to get deep here, guys! Lol. Boy did QuirkyJessi become a different place....it became....quirkier! And a whole lot more fun!
  • Gangbanged Duck--Yep, duck rape. Literally. *giggles*
  • Econ Problem Part One-The Box--*Giggles again* This was me defying 'the box' and making a point to go against what my econ class was trying to teach me. I defiantly sat cross-legged on top of the box instead of staying inside.
  • Econ Problem Part Two--The Dog--And 'this' was me going above and beyond what everyone expected and turning the 'mere dog' used as a factual object in an econ problem and turning it into a sentimental creature that created tons of problems because they objectified it. Good times. Lots of cute pictures to illustrate, too, hehe.
  • Hippo Dentist Bill--The big guy featured above and a quick comment about him.
Yep, it's been fun, but QuirkyJ certainly has changed a bit with time. I wouldn't post half of that stuff now, mainly because I don't take the time to write long drawn out stuff now. It's still tons of fun, though. Here's to another year. *Raises one of the gangbanged ducks into the air* Cheers!

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