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Adopt a Turkey--And That Does Not Mean Eat It!

As promised, I told you I'd tell you about the adopt-a-turkey program I discovered. I'd never heard of such a thing, so I couldn't help but giggle at it. I mean, it's Thanksgiving time--most aren't thinking about selecting the perfect turkey to feed and love. They're thinking about eating it.

Obviously, there are many people who are far from celebrating that tradition and instead, work to save turkeys (and other animals) all year round. Vegan Chai is one of many who does just that, and one of her fellow adopters, who commented on the post, even hangs the pictures of her sponsored turkeys on the fridge. :)

Read more about it on her site and let me know if you decide to adopt!

(And as for the picture, yes, I'm sure that the same people are are saving the turkeys would also approve of saving the pigs....but I couldn't exactly find a picture of a turkey that said "eat salad or pasta." :P)

(How about another set of parentheses? Hehe. Just another note to say that I do realize the photo is watermarked.....so go check 'em out!)

Killer said...

I would only want to adopt a baby. The older ones are too surly and have abandonment issues.

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