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Custom Domain on Blogger.....And What Should It Be Called?

Alright, so I've been doing more research and now I've come to a dead-end for the time being. First of all, I checked out a few of the different recommended hosts for my site and found a few that similar really similar in terms of service, satisfaction, and prices.

(Speaking of which, April, you recommended Bluehost. I can't get to your blog because you have your Blogger profile set to private. All the reviews I read for Bluehost complained of downtime....do you experience much of that or is it exaggerated by huge businesses losing money by a tiny bit of downtime? Also, if you stop back by and comment again, leave me a link to your site so I can come by and see you. :) And so I can link to you when I say stuff like this! Hehe.)

Anywho, all that aside, I remembered that Blogger now allows us to publish to our custom domain without actually having to host it somewhere ourselves. I'm seriously considering this as a first step for me, so I don't have to devote the time to completely rebuilding a new site and maintaining it. I can keep my blog, continue tweaking the HTML, and have my own domain as I originally wanted in the first place.

Two questions, though:

  • One--Has anyone done this and how did it work out for you? Okay, so that was kinda two questions on its own, but it was the same sentence and the same subject, so leave me alone! :P
  • Two--What domain should I use? Any of the basics like quirky.com or quirkiness.com are of course taken. QuirkyJessi.com is open, but do I want that? (Shush it...still on the same subject/question...it doesn't count as more than one.) The name of this place is "The Quirky World of Jessi," but it's rarely about me anyway, so I'm thinking something more like TheQuirkyWorld.com might be better. I say that because it's available and other combinations aren't necessarily. Neither is that memorable, in my opinion, especially since most people end up spelling Jessi with an 'e' or 'y' or 'ie', so if they heard it or were trying to remember it instead of just clicking a link, they're unlikely to end up at my place. It's directly linked to my name and even though people I meet across blogs/forums know me as such, it's quirky 'stuff' that I blog about (that's taken, heh). I know the simplest of solutions would be to buy both and forward to one or the other, but if I'm keeping with Blogger, then they only automatically forward to one place, and I'd have to deal with the other. And then, which is it that I would want as the main site.
Your guys' turn to help me out again! Which domain should I buy?

April said...

ack! sorry...my blog is located at http://www.titansphere.com...yes, please visit!

as for bluehost, i haven't noticed a substantial amount of downtime, but this isn't to say it isn't true. no one has ever mentioned it to me, and every time i access it all seems well. i will say their support techs are wonderful...i almost lost the entire site last year (on a sunday at 9pm pst) and within 15 minutes of me begging to get their backup back onto my site, it was there. i was almost devestated. completely.

i like quirkyjessi.com best if you want it to have a personal feel. with some combo of thequirkyworld or quirkyworld, etc., it sounds more like a collaborative effort. maybe that's the way you want to go? just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

That does sound like a good first step!

I like quirkyjessi also. It's good to have a domain thats not only easy to spell, but also easy to remember.

Anonymous said...

I agree it sounds like a good first step. I am terribly with the name choosing. It took the entire 9 months to figure out what to name my daughter!

I think I like quirkyjessi.com best too. But I also like JessQuirky.com....see I'm no help :(

I also use Bluehost for my blog. I just switched from Blogger to hosting my own domain, and I'm using WordPress' publishing platform. I have only been using bluehost for about a month or so, and they seem to be alright. No downtime just yet. But like april said, it isn't to say it isn't true.

Good luck with the name!

Anonymous said...

I had been with Blue host for two years and time is excessive. INHO Bluehost is oneof the worst hosting companies in the business. Constant problems with email. I would avoid them like the plague.

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