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DonorsChoose.org--Helping Teachers Across the Country

Jenny's birthday is coming up and she has a unique birthday request.

Who is Jenny/Jennifer/Jen? I have no idea, lol. I ran across her on the NaBloPoMo forums where she spoke of her birthday desires. It caught my attention and I thought I'd pass it along.

Now I don't typically like asking for money and I'm not going to do it this time either. I'm going to let 'her' ask you, hehe. Basically, she found a site called DonorsChoose.org and this is how she describes it:

a site that allows teachers to submit project proposals for materials or experiences their students need to learn. Individuals or companies can search through literally thousands of proposals categorized by region, subject, type of school, project cost, etc and add them to a challenge. As people donate you can track the donations and the impact those donations have on students.
Jenny has chosen a few causes that she'd like to help out....like one is asking for help raising the money to get internet access in the school and another is...and another is hoping to get a decent digital camera for daily activities/projects. If technology isn't quite your thing, some of the causes include getting new books and one is a request put in by the school's first theatre arts teacher who has no supplies at all to help teach her students.

Point being, it's not only a good cause, but it's 'several' good causes that are helping America's young people when the schools can't afford to offer them better. Each request ranges from just a couple hundred dollars to a thousand or so. Jen's birthday goal is to raise $5,000 by her birthday (December 24) and help several of these small requests (which are huge improvements in their lives). Let's see if we can help her and her causes out some.

1 comments so far. What are your thoughts?
Anonymous said...

Those sound like great causes. When I make my millions, I'm planning on sending a lot to education-related charities. God knows this country needs it. :)

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