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NaBloPoMo Is Over and I Survived---Now What?

Yep, it's over. And as much as I enjoyed participating, I know my content dropped here. Yes, I know, there's not much "content" to speak of anyway, but some of the things I posted usually would've come fully equipped with witty commentary and quirky descriptions. Instead, I resorted to posting short things.

The funny thing is, it's not because I didn't have more to say or that NaBloPoMo was stressing me or anything. It was more like....I knew I was going to have to be posting every day and I was afraid I'd run myself thin by the end....which somehow lead me to be "thin" all month long so I didn't have to think about it. And there were days where I had 2 or 3 posts I wanted to make, but then I'd tell myself to wait until the next day, but then not have time to put the effort into them that I wanted.

And now that the month is over, my "Things to Blog" folder is just as full as ever and I still have several things I want to talk about. Notice I said "talk about"....so they won't necessarily be the quick posts you guys have gotten used to. They won't be a mile long either, but there are some quirky products I'd like to toss out there to you guys with a bit more than "hey, click this link...it's cool," lol.

For now, though, this is my last post of the event and we'll be back to regularly posting a few times a week with a bit more emphasis on each post. Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you all had fun. :)

Anonymous said...

I had exactly the same problem and my draft folder is huge now. I posted all these little posts and all my big thoughtful posts got thrown a bit why the wayside. I'm still proud that I made it through though!

Patriot said...

Just wanted to thank you for coming by and entering my giveaway last week! I host a new giveaway every Monday so feel free to come back often! Thank you again!

Kimberly said...

I did the same thing (kept a running list of topics and posts and ended up putting something "half baked" up more often than I liked. Ah well, we started and we finished. Congrats!

Crimzen Creative said...

I hear ya - it was tough and I think I only had 26 posts for the month. Good job on making it to 30 - did you win any of the prizes?

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