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Which Way Does She Spin?

I've had this sitting in my bookmarks for a while and I know it's traveling the web quite nicely by now, but many of you may not have seen it yet.

Counterclockwise means one thing and clockwise means another. No, I'm not going to tell you. You've gotta accept my linky love and go check out Foo Logs for the analysis. :D Don't forget to glance through the comments to see the discussion on people who see it 'both' ways or who can will her to turn a different direction.

Which way did you see her turning?

Anonymous said...

I see when I actually look at her, she goes clock-wise. When I just look at ther feet, she seems to go counter-clockwise.

Crimzen Creative said...

clockwise, no question - I will check out the link but I really should be working instead!

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