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Nasty Santa Sends Mean Letters

This kind of story rather irritates me. If you're bitter with the world and you want to take your anger out somewhere, then find somewhere to do it. If you want to be mean, then fine, whatever. Nobody deserves this kind of randomness, but trying to ruin innocent children's hopes and dreams.....I'm sorry, but I don't think it's right to try to take a child's innocence, even if only in the form of a mythical elf who brings Christmas joy once a year, is just inappropriate.

So what am I talking about? Read the article. Basically, there's a program where people reply to kids' Christmas wish lists from "Santa." I don't know any more about the Canadian program that what is said in the article, but I remember the first time my little sister got a letter from Santa and it was priceless. Our own mailman/woman (they were a couple) would go through all the letters sent to the North Pole and respond personally to each. The twinkle in her eye when my mom read the letter to her was imply magical.

Someone decided to reply with nasty letters, though, and it's caused them to shut down the program until the offender is caught. There are only 8 days until Christmas.....quite unfortunate. :(

Crimzen Creative said...

What a shame that there are such mean spirited people out there willing to ruin a child's Christmas. I hope they find the culprit and let Santa Claus sit on him and smother him to death (oops...just kidding, I am not that mean!). Creepy pic!

Lisa said...

That's horrible.

You're right, why spoil a child's Christmas? If you're mad at the world, it probably hs nothing to do with the children in it.

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