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Top 20 Most Useless Sites

The Top Twenty LEAST Useful Sites on the Web

The name pretty much says it all. Notice that it doesn't say these are time wasters....it's not just another list of addictive games to waste your time. They're literally sites used for, well, nothing!

Take Number 20 on the list, for example: www.purple.com It's purple. No, I mean it....it's not a site about purple...it's not a purple background with ads and text....it's not a site with lots of purple things on it. It's simply purple. Period. Lol.

Most of the other sites are slightly more entertaining than that, but most you wouldn't spend more than a few seconds on for a quick giggle, so check it out, hehe.

Emily/Randomability said...

Oh my!!

What's there to say. I didn't check any of the out... yet.

alejna said...

I love these! When I get my act together, I will have to feature the list and some of the sites on the Ministry of Silly Blogs. (I've been suffering from Post NaBloPoMo burnout. Or PoNaBloPoMoBu, as it may be known.)

Speaking of which, or actually, having nothing to do with it, there's something else I wanted to mention. I nominated a post of yours from last month to the November Just Posts, a monthly round-up of posts on topics of social justice and activism. Have a look, if you are so inclined! (Threre's even a pretty button you can nab if you wish. Or I can email it to you.)

collecting tokens

Anonymous said...

Its amazing about domain names.. loved the purple! Sex dot com sold for millions at one point!

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