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Lost Baggage---Did We Mention We Didn't Really Care?


Oh yeah, I failed to mention to you guys that I took a mini-vacation over the holidays and not only were both of my flights there delayed repeatedly for random reasons (you know, like, "there's no one to unlock the door and let us out"...and "we're not sure how much fuel we have")...but they also lost my baggage. And had no record of where it was. Ever.

They did finally find it and return it to me, but I didn't get any sort of "hey, we lost all your stuff, but here's a toothbrush to hold you over" or anything. I flew in late Christmas night, so of course, nothing was open. I didn't have clothes for the next day, etc.. And yes, I know I should learn to just use carry-on and not deal with any of it, but that's not the point.

The point is.

I wanted trashbags!

The end, hehe.

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