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Munchlers--Fold Out Animal Lunch Boxes (Bags)

So they're cute, right?! They're called Munchlers and you can get them here. They're really cheap at only 10 bucks for an insulated lunchbag. The part I love most (after the cuteness, of course), is that they flatten out and can act as your plate, too. Adorable for kids, awesome for quirky people who like to have a little fun with their lunch instead of brown-baggin' it! There's also a tiger and a dog not posted, so check those out if the sad panda and bunny don't suit your tastes. Let me know if you get one or have something similar...I'll post about you, too! Hehe.

Crimzen Creative said...

Awww...too cute! I was just searching for a cool Valentine's gift for my daughter and this might be pretty cool - she loves to do "lunch bunch" at preschool and always complains that the teachers put her food on a napkin :)

Crimzen Creative said...

Ok - pointed these out to my daughter (with 6 year old son looking over shoulder):

"The pink one is sad, Mom" says Daughter

"Where are the green one's eyes?" says Son

"Can I have a REAL kitty, Mom, please?"

Don't you wish you had kids?

Anonymous said...

I think these are cute and practical. I am going to see if my nieces might like these for school.

Emily/Randomability said...

I think that these might be cute for my son. He'll be in Kindergarten in August.

Bag Monster said...

Those are pretty cool, but they aren't as cool as my reusable bag substitute: My kangaroo's pouch... I wish her baby would stop eating my Cheetos... Do they make a kangaroo model?

Jessi said...

Whoops, my reply for this never went through!

Yes, I do have a kitty, Lady, however my mom is caring for her because of my living arrangements. I grew up around 'tons' of animals and now I have none, so I'm really missing the kitties. So can I have one anyway please? ;-)

And I do think they're perfect for kids! I mean, come on, these certainly beat out those plain square plastic boxes with cartoon pictures on them or even worse, the plain bags you'd expect your parents to take into work. Those just aren't cool, but these bad boys are. I love 'em! Hehe.

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