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One Skull Each Day

We've all seen the 365 projects by now, whether it's blogging 365 days straight or taking a photo everyday. Well this guy took it one step closer and his theme is to create a new skull everyday, including one from the bedsheets from a hotel he stayed in and another made from a lace. They're not tiny skulls either, as each of those took up a large space. It's kinda cool and the video above is a sneak preview at some of the skulls he's already completed this year.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Very cool! Although for some reason, I found his earrings to be distracting.

LDF said...

Imagine how disturbed the hotel cleaning ladies were.....

Jessi said...

Yeah, no kidding. They probably thought there'd been some sort of ritual going on there the night before...or maybe a ghost, hehe.

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