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PJC--The Yogurt Has Arrived

I'm a bit late getting this posted, but I'm going to backdate it to show for the 20th...it's not cheating because I'm telling you I'm cheating...so shhh. :P Plus, you're getting two pictures and I'll be posting again in just a little bit.

So it arrived yesterday. Remember when I posted a few weeks ago about Yoplait giving away yogurt? The coupon came and I got my free pack of kids' yogurt today...just ate the first one a little bit ago, hehe. Oh, and I haven't gotten any spam from them either, so it looks like it's purely promotional.

And if you didn't listen to me when I said it was legit, go ahead and jump on it now. The link doesn't appear to be dead, so you still have a chance to scoop up your own pack of free Yoplait kids yogurt...complete with a little blurb about how much less sugar it has (no artificial sweeteners either), the Omega-3 DHA contained, and its calcium nutrition facts. It takes just a minute to fill out, so don't miss out on it this time around. :D

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Emily/Randomability said...

YEAH!!! Then I should be getting mine soon too. I can't wait!!

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