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PJC--You're Toasted

I'm not sure who thinks of these things, but there must be a market for them somewhere. Read the description they used:

This piping hot slice of toast is pretty hard to miss on your desktop, so you'll always be able to put your fingers on a buttery little self- stick note when you need one.
Haha! And it only gets better....go check out their stampers. You can stamp "I Love You" and pirates onto your toast. They even have Tic Tac Toe Toast!!

(Last day of PJC, too...hope you guys enjoyed some of the images....I'll continue to post as I normally (quirkily?) would, but not necessarily daily as I'm swamped right now.)

Alison said...

OK, I don't know why but I so want one of these!

Kori said...

I am with Alison; htis would be the BEST think to have on my desk! They already think I am a little off, this would be the clincher!

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