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Random post addon for Blogger -- Finally!!

(No, there's no proposal discussed below, but this is the greatest picture I could find to express my excitement, hehe.)

~Edit~ There's a new version that works even better! It doesn't rely on your archive gadget to be set up a certain way, and it can pull from your entire archive now instead of just the last 100 posts. So great! You can find it here: Inkweaver-Review Random Blog Post Widget ~~

This guy is my hero right now. For months I've been looking for the code for something like this and he finally created it! I was so excited when he posted about it on Bloggeries and then it didn't seem to work for me. He tweaked his code and then also looked through my settings to get it all figured out and now I'm all set!

So what is it? Well, it's similar to the Archivist plug-in that was created for Wordpress. It pulls a random link from my archives and shows it at the top up there (or anywhere I choose to put it.....it's there for now because I'm just psyched it works!). There's been a "Feeling Lucky?" addon for the longest time, but all it did was put a link that people had to click in order to randomize....but I wanted something that automatically pulled a title so that people might actually click instead of it being ignored.

And I'll admit, I spent several minutes just clicking through it myself because I find myself forgetting a lot of the stuff I've covered here in the past. (Currently, this is only capable of showing the posts from this year because of Blogger's coding, not his, but it's still better than nothing). I don't see this on many sites, but when I first discovered the Archivist, I fell in love because I was new to that particular site and it gave me a glimpse at previous posts without me having to dig through archives myself. Then I found another one that would pull pictures from the site in a similar fashion, but I'm not really a photo blogger, so that only helped so much....especially since the code didn't work here either.

But that's all rambling. The point is, this one works now and I'm super-excited because I really did search everything I could and ask for help from everyone I knew that might know of something. I'd already given up when Nathan showed up with this and I don't even know how to begin to thank him for it.

To you, it might be something silly, but come on, this is all about quirkiness, right? One of my quirks is enjoying some of the simplest things in life....and getting uttterly excited about them. People may never click the links up there at all, but it doesn't even matter because I searched and searched....and now it's here!

And it's all thanks to Nathan. I'm so glad he even took the time to keep looking things over when it didn't seem to work for me. He didn't just shrug me off or ignore my issues, so that's all the better. Thank you Nathan!

If you use Blogger and are interested in it for yourself, check out the link here. And you should check out the rest of his site, Inkweaver Review, for lots of, as he says, "quality reviews of quality literature," (along with the launch of a new prose/poetry site).

fairyhedgehog said...

This is a great little widget. I had to add it to my page.

NathanKP said...

Thank you very much for the mention Jessi. I'm glad that appreciated the plugin.

It's certainly helpful to have programming skills. Like you I looked around for a plugin like this, and didn't find one, so I decided to program it.

NathanKP - Imagination Manifesto

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