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How to save gas and ultimately money (The extreme hypermiling guide)

Who doesn't want to save money on gas nowadays? There are tons of tricks and tips out there on how to "hypermile" or get the most out of a gallon of gas. This guide does a great job at bringing 450 tips together into one place, though. Here are some sample tricks...just check out the site for more:
  1. Roll Up Your Windows
  2. Inflate Your Tires (to the proper psi according to the
  3. manual, or just slightly more; too much more and you can be asking for trouble)
  4. Don’t Brake If You Don’t Have To
  5. Leave Room in Front of Your Car (to allow for braking slowly)
  6. Use Cruise Control (almost all the time)
  7. Don’t Accelerate (too quickly)Multitask and Plan Your Route (make sure your route is efficient and you’re not backtracking)
  8. Empty the Trunk
  9. Drive Less
  10. Avoid Drive-Throughs (lots of idling in a drive-through)
  11. Drive Shoeless (to have a better feel of the accelerator/break; if your windows are up and your air conditioning is off this will also help keep you cool!)
  12. Use Overdrive
  13. Drive the Speed Limit (or even a little slower on the highway)
  14. Watch the Crosswalk Signs (to know if the light is going to change soon)
And there are even some tips that they recommend you *don't* use. For example:
Place cardboard over the radiator

One guy I read about does this and says that a cold
engine reduces fuel-efficiency. He uses Office Depot’s silver-colored
cardboard to warm up the engine faster. He covers his radiator with
cardboard to block the wind, thus retaining heat and keeping the engine
running at a warmer temperature. Knowing that this could cause his
engine to overheat, he says, “I’ll take off the piece of cardboard if I
know that I’ll be driving a long distance, say 100 miles, but it’s fine
for my daily commute.”

Not worth it - what if you forget about it and your engine overheats?

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