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Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- Again!

Yep, I'm doing it again. Notice the pink? Well, it's sort of a pink anyway. I figured after last year's plunge of going the brightest possible pink (see the logo in the lower right hand corner of the Quirky? more hot pink than that), that I'd tone it down and go with something more tolerable for some people.

I still don't like it. Remember? I don't like pink at all. But it's for a good cause, right?

I debated even changing it this year. After all, what does it really do? Seeing a pink blog out of the blue isn't going to make a random passerby think "oh, look, I should go donate to breast cancer causes." And my regular readers surely already know about breast cancer. They know they can donate to good causes, they know to get checked out, they know to be aware....even if they don't do these things.

Reminding you all with links is a good way to "be more aware"....but pink? Pink is just pink, right?

Instead of trying to justify the reasons why I *shouldn't* change my blog color, though, I'm going to stick with the justification that there's certainly no harm in doing so. It's just a color. It's just a month. It's just 30 days where I don't look at the front of my blog, lol.

But those same days are days where maybe someone will read this posts. Maybe someone will think twice. Maybe someone will giggle at my complaints about the color pink....but it'll be in memory of breast cancer victims, in honor of breast cancer survivors and family, and for the awareness of breast cancer in general. Really? How could you go wrong with that?

If you want to participate, see more sites that are going pink, or keep up on the latest news, check out PinkforOctober.

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