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Snuggies - The Wearable Blanket

So besides it looking like something worn by cult members.....and besides it looking like a beefed up robe that wants to eat you....it's kinda cool. You might've seen them on TV at this point, but I'm still passing them on.

Snuggies. Cute name....or maybe still cult-ish, I still can't quite decide. The snuggle bunnies are coming to get you! Rawr!!

*Cough* Anyway, $15 plus shipping and you can be a part of the cult, too. Christmas gift maybe? Yes, you can just use a blanket or sit uncomfortably in a robe, but this covers you entirely....and looks cult-ish! Remember? All the cool kids are getting them...

~Edit~ I've been told that these are like the "Slanket".....apparently they didn't get the hype that Snuggies seem to be getting but they're basically the same thing.....for 45 bucks + shipping instead. But without the cute, cult-like name.

Oh, and the Snuggie website has a special going on right now! Buy one Snuggie for $19.95 + 7.95 and you'll get a free booklight *and* you get a second one free (+ shipping). Not a bad deal at all.

~Edit~ If you're having a hard time finding the main site, it's GetSnuggie.com.

~Edit 1-30-09~ Check out my latest Snuggies post involving pictures of people wearing the snuggie and a parody video about the "what the bleep blanket," hehe.

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Anonymous said...

What is the website for the Snuggie? I cant seem to find it.
I saw the commerical last night for this and thought it was awesome. My dog will love crawling inside to sleep when its cold!

Jessi said...

I didn't realize I hadn't linked to the main site at all in the post. It's updated now, thanks! You should be able to find it at GetSnuggie.com. :)

Anonymous said...

this thing is usesless.it's just a house coat backward.yes you get one free for the 19.95 after you pay 7.95 for shipping and 7.95 for shipping on the second one and you cant get them in two diffrent colors at once.

Amelia said...

Hey thanks for the info. I was searching for this to buy for myself but I couldn't actually find their official site. *M*


Amelia said...

By the way, I found you by Googling Snuggies. :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for the entertainment that u provided me and my mom from watching this commercail it had the be the funniest stupidest thing that i have seen in my whole life...i wouldnt be caught dead in one of these bad boys =)

Anonymous said...

Be careful to verify the pricing. Although the website states the price at $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping EACH (for the BOGO order); when you click on it -- they try to charge you $31.80 shipping!!!! That is a rip-off! and very deceiving.

mrmonnin said...

This product is rediculous. Try wearing sweats, socks, and a pair of slippers.

Anonymous said...

This Snuggie company is a sham. They do not charge your credit card the advertised price. As stated earlier they added 31.80 for S&H and then you have trouble getting in touch with a customer service agent tp cancel. Everything is automated including the number to cal to order the Snuggie.

Anonymous said...

This Snuggie company is a sham. They do not charge your credit card the advertised price. As stated earlier they added 31.80 for S&H and then you have trouble getting in touch with a customer service agent to cancel. Everything is automated including the number to call to order the Snuggie.

Anonymous said...

I think I just crossed this item off my wife's Christmas list! There are other similar items out there for much less. Just do a search for 'Cuddle Blankets' or sommething similar . Papa Larry H

Anonymous said...

I did some digging, this site is backed by a company called 'All Star Marketing' here is the contact information:

Allstar Marketing Group
4 Skyline Drive
Hawthorne, New York 10532
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 30-Jul-08
Expires on: 30-Jul-09
Last Updated on: 05-Aug-08

Administrative Contact:
Boilen, Howard howardb@allstarmg.com
Allstar Marketing Group
4 Skyline Drive
Hawthorne, New York 10532
United States
9143477827 Fax --

Technical Contact:
Boilen, Howard howardb@allstarmg.com
Allstar Marketing Group
4 Skyline Drive
Hawthorne, New York 10532
United States
9143477827 Fax --

Domain servers in listed order:

Tammy said...

I'm always cold and intrigued enough to be inspired to make something out of fleece with a hole to slip my head through ... I don't want it falling off if it's just a backwards robe.

I'll buy my own book light at the Dollar Tree. lol

I think it's a good idea AND next year my family will have instant Alvin & the Chipmunks costumes!

Thanks for sharing the info!

Anonymous said...

To all of you that think you are getting ripped off on the shipping.....

Look guys, the 31.80 Shipping is for a total of 4 Snuggies. If you ordered 2 Snuggies, you really get 4 and you are charged 7.95 P&H per Snuggie just as stated.

Their order confirmation is a bit confusing, but after doing the math, it all works out just as stated during the ordering and endless upselling process.

When I came online to order a Snuggie, I planned on just making a single Buy one get one free purchase at $19.95 + P&H. However, after seeing I couldn't get 2 different colors I began thinking about making a second buy one get one free purchase. That's when they hit me with the discount offer to get my second pair for only $14.95 + P&H each.

I didn't like the fact that the P&H was costing me more than the Snuggies, but I went ahead and ordered a second set anyway. Then I was hit with yet another upsell asking me to make them ALL Deluxe, Double Thickness with Pockets for a measily $5 each. For some reason, I had just assumed they would have pockets. But obviously not.

So as disheartened as I was at this point, I figured that I better add this or they may not be as warm as I'd hoped. So I add it thinking this would be the last upsell attempt, but NOOOO, not yet. Now they would like me to also purchase children sized Snuggies as well. I think they were only $5 bucks each and no P&H charges added to them. I almost ordered some since there were no P&H charges, but decided I better pass because I could feel the deluxe upsell being pushed for these next.

So in the end, here's my Snuggie order confirmation:
(I edited it a bit so it's not as confusing)

Snuggie - Royal Blue Deluxe + book light + Royal Blue Deluxe + book light Quantitiy 1 at 29.95

Snuggie - Burgundy Deluxe Discounted + book light BOGO Quantitiy 1 at 24.95

Shipping Amount 31.80
Tax Amount 0.00
Total Amount 86.70

Now at first glance, it looks a bit confusing.
But after doing the math, the total amount is right on the money. The Royal Blue Deluxe was originally $19.95 but after adding $5 to each Snuggie it becomes $29.95.

The Burgundy Deluxe Discounted was originally $14.95 but again, after adding the $5 to each Snuggie it becomes $24.95.

The Shipping charge of $31.80 seems a bit high, but $7.95 x 4 = $31.80

So now we have $29.95 + $24.95 + $31.80
for a total of $86.70

So the bottom line is that I paid $21.675 for Each Snuggie. Still not a bad price if they are as warm as they sound.

Personally, I cant wait to get them.

Anonymous said...

They have a recording now that says they will not even start shipping before 2 to 4 weeks and that they don't have the Snuggies in stock.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who said that snuggie over-charged them on s&h here's what happened. You were just tricked into buying 4 snuggies instead of the 2 you wanted. I am guessing that when you ordered you selected "2" as the quantity, which means you buy 2 and get 2 free... then you pay &7.95 in s&h for each one and that equals $31.80.

That being said, i'm not defending the snuggie company. I bought a snuggie over a week ago and they have the worst customer service that i've ever experienced. The whole website seems a little fishy, so if I had to do it again I would think twice about ordering from them.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any contact information that I can actually speak to a person, to cancel my order?

me@home said...

Who cares about doing the math and them technically being right about the additional $7.95 charge per blanket--the bottom line is they aren't clear about all the charges once they start the upselling and you can order and ship a lot more at a heavier weight and not have $31.80 in shipping costs! I called 1-800-566-2888 and did reach a person but he said I'd have to call back in 24 hours because I'm not in the system yet. Forget the math, they were sneaky with the shipping charges and should have had a confirmation page before the order was submitted so you could approve all the charges!

Anonymous said...

People need to learn how to read!!!! The website is perfectly clear if you take the time to read what is says.

Anonymous said...

Here is a contact # for Snuggie customer service. 800-721-7173.
They do answer at this number. I had to cancel my order because they will not ship by Christmas. I had no problems with customer service at this number.

nyoung0005 said...

DONT order a snuggie online or over the phone. They charged my acct. 87 dollars and i have yet to receive it..7weeks later. I called to just get a refund and cancl the order but they said they couldn't do that, nor did they give me a straight answer to why they charged me 87 dollars for 1 snuggie!!!! But they did tell me they would not b refunding my money. not to mention that it took me 4 hrs to get throught to the call center! They sell the snuggie at kmart now anyway i just bought one there for a christmas present.

Anonymous said...

You all convinced me. Not buying!!!!!!! This company can't get their act together.

Anonymous said...

I got through to customer service after only an 8 minute wait; however, although I ordered Suggies on Dec. 1, they won't be shipped until mid-January at the earliest. Shipping cost is awful for sure! I'm canceling but have no idea if they'll do it or not. They haven't charged my card yet; think I'll call the bank and stop payment. Thankfully my bank is always on the lookout for consumer scams and this apparently is one. Too bad I'd already ordered from this place before seeing that QVC had really nice Snuggies; they're out of them now however. Should have known from prior experience NOT to order from TV ads. I'm preparing for a cold winter here in the southwest! ;)

magneto said...

Can anyone tell me the difference between the Snuggie and the Slanket?
What are they made of?
Are they the same quality?


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the information on this site - I called the 800-721-7173 number and was able to finally get through to customer service. I placed my order in October and they said it would be shipped the first week of January but after reading others comments, I cancelled the order.
Thanks for saving my Holiday season - I ordered 8 Snuggies that I was going to have embroidered. Guess I'm going out shopping now! lol

Anonymous said...

I ordered mine first part of December. I got an email stating it was shipped on December 17. The email also gave me a FedEx shipping number, which is BOGGUS! I did check and they have charged my American Express account. I also checked to be sure this was a *real* company and it appears to be - as there is supposedly a *fake* Snuggie company out there...geez! I just want my Snuggies!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is perfect! Now I don't need to go some high priced Italian tailor to get my Pope Robes made!

Anonymous said...

What a stupid idea! If you need something that bad, take your robe and put it on backwards. If you wear the robe outside though you may looked like a disheveled mobster walking around.

Anonymous said...

If some of you were thinking things through, you'd realize that the only reason a company like this can offer a buy-one-get-one-free is because of the S&H charge. Just add that in to the main price and divide by two and you'll get the REAL cost per Snuggie. "Buy one, get one free" is just a meaningless marketing statement to draw you in.

$19.95 is the sweet spot for informercial products. So let's say, for the sake of argument, that one Snuggie costs them $7 to manufacture, package, handle, and ship to a customer. They want to advertise it at $19.95, the magic number, and they want at least a 100% markup from cost. They know, as do all infomercial marketers, that products sell some large percentage better if they make it a SPECIAL DEAL and throw in something for "free." So, they make it two Snuggies for the "price of one," plus two free booklights which cost them $1 each from China. Their total cost is now at $16, so the total price for the customer should be at least $32. That's $19.95 + $5.95 shipping per Snuggie. But their market research suggests unusually high demand, particularly around the cold holidays, so they know they can get more out of that magic S&H number and they jack it up to $7.95. So, their cost per order: $16. Their profit per order: $19.85. Not a bad business model. And hardly a scam - it's just a way of obscuring the true price for people who are too lazy to do the math.

And yes, I ordered a couple - my girlfriend loves her some fuzzy blankets.


Anonymous said...

I agree the Company pricing is a rip-off but three questions I have

# 1 Do snuggies really keep you warm ? that is what is the composition material - Wool, Cotton, Dextron?/

#2 I am 6'5" tall will I be comfortable

#3 What retail store sell snuggies /

eviemarie said...

I own the original Slanket and loved it, so I ordered
the cheaper Snuggie for my family. I paid the extra $10.00 to get the extra thick ones. I can't imagine what they would have been like had I not paid the additional amount. Even with the claim of being 50% thicker, they are way thinner than my Slanket. I was kind of dissapointed, but I still have my Slanket and it is the superior product!

Anonymous said...

My husband fell for this commercial and proudly presented me with two of the burgundy jobs. It seemed like a quarter acre of lightweight polyester fleece, pockets down below my knees, and HUGE sleeves. We both laughed and the suckers are going back in the morning mail. I have called the credit card company to retract payment.

Anonymous said...

so i was wondering, what is the difference between a snuggie and wearing my bathrobe backwards?

Jessi said...

You get to feel even sillier for paying money for a backward robe? lol

Anonymous said...

An even better product are the Micro-Polar fleece footie pajamas for adults at www.BigFeetPjs.com The softest fleece you can find and the most comfortable jammies you will ever wear!

Anonymous said...


I saw the snuggies on the today show with Matt Laurer. This tv product is one of the most hyped product. It was funny how they called out matt and him saying he wouldnt be caught dead in one, and commented how his chest is hurting now...

The snuggie folks AMS must have paid a bunch of Money for the entire staff to wear the snuggies on air

Anonymous said...

I for one have a friend who has a snuggie and they are very comfy and they do not slip or slide i would pay the price and if you knew how to read all the math works out so if oyu think its NOT that much for such a comfy warm blanket well i kniow im getting one

Anonymous said...

I saw this on the fox and friends recently on Fox News. It cracks me up when everybody is wearing their snuggies. They actually just recently came out with a new snuggie - the snuggie for kids. It's called the snugglette. Basically, just a smaller size snuggie. Everyone can have a snuggie now!

Anonymous said...

TOTAL RIP-OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DO NOT order a Snuggie, unless you like trouble. They charged me an additional 20 dollars on my two snuggies. The order confirmation said $55.85, but the second transaction on my bank statement (of course the first was the correct amount but has been mysteriously deleted and replaced by one stating that I have been charged to $77.23. Of course when you try to call them it's impossible to talk to an agent and when I finally did, she told me I had indeed be charged 55.85, but did not know where the difference came from and also told me that it had already been shipped so it could not be cancelled and gave a fax number to send a copy of my bank statement to show them the additional charges.....
I have cancelled my credit card number to prevent eventual charges since it seems to be a rip-off...
I still have to fax the info and get them to at least right the situation and wait for my "Snuggies" which should be delivered in the next 6 weeks....

To be continued!

Anonymous said...

I ordered 2 Snuggies for my daughter - unfortunately, before they arrived, my daughter departed for parts unknown - so I had no further use for them. Since the Snuggies had not arrived, I called the company to cancel the order --Surprise, Surprise -- the Snuggies had 'just shipped'. However, the agent (after much questioning), told me that the full amount including shipping and handling would be refunded if the package was returned unopened. When I received the package (almost 2 1/2 weeks later), I immediately returned it (unopened as instructed). The company only refunded the cost of the single snuggie (not the shipping and handling for 2 of them that I had paid). When I called the company, they insisted that their 'automated call logging system' did not show that I had ever contacted them so they would be unable to refund the shipping and handling. In a nutshell, be sure that you really want them before you order them, you will pay for them, regardless. However, as I learned from part of their recorded announcments while waiting to talk to the agent, call and work through all the selections to get to their return line, and they will then inform you that if you want to return your Snuggies, then select the offered option and you can keep your Snuggies AND get a $10.00 credit.

Anonymous said...

I ordered my snuggie yesterday and some how got 2 extra snuggies on my credit card! I called customer service (800-721-7173)at which they took off the 2 extras. They were very polite and I can't wait to get them in!

Anonymous said...

I am glad I am not the only one whom thinks these look like some sort of cult wear. I am waiting for a day cold enough to see people walking down the street wearing these crazy things.

Seriously is the financial crisis so bad that people would rather look like some crazy cult member in a wearable blanket (which with a little work on a sewing machine, anyone at home could make) just to save a few odd dollars here and there on heat?

And what about when you have bought one for all the family?

And in Australia, they are a lot more than $17.99.

Snuggie Cult said...

Summer is heating up and the Snuggie continues to expand it's world domination. All hail the Snuggie!

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