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10 Works of Art to Make When You're Bored

Well I don't know how many of these you would actually want to create on your own. Something about implanting an ear into your arm (#2 on the list) doesn't exactly scream "Ooo, me, me! I wanna do that!" For someone it did, though, so maybe you're next.

Others are at least fun to look at, though. We've talked about weird fruit art before (and recently there was some melon art), but there's some more discussed there (#3). Beware. I do believe that lemon is peeing....

And while I'm warning you, #10 on the list isn't exactly appropriate for here, so consider before linking if you're easily offended by naked balloons.

The rest on the list are highly intricate works using simple things like pennies, scrap tires, plastic spoons, or scotch tape, but if you're really, really bored and have enough time on your hands, I bet you could have fun!

fairyhedgehog said...

Some of those are impressive but they're all way beyond my ability to emulate.

The Sellotape (Scotch tape) ones really appealed to me.

Anonymous said...

My favorite was the hot dog, ketchup and mustard even though I am firm believer that ketchup does not belong on a dog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi! Those were goooood pics!

Have you seen Bulgaria's Balloon dresses (some fashion catwalk I heard on local news about a month back)? Stunning but the wearer has to stay still for hours while the balloons are "weaved" into the dress! >,<

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