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Creative Images -- And Dancing Chickens!

I'm sure some of these were created as advertisements, but I have nothing more to go on than just what this particular page has. And all it has is images, lol.

My mom used to hate when I'd make the chickens dance. She didn't like washing chicken, but I'm not sure which she liked less......washing them herself or having me do it, and me making them sing and dance as I washed, ha!

I don't care what kind of conditioner she uses, there is no way her hair (or skin, for that matter) would look that great in a pool of spaghetti!

I bet that might freak you out a bit. Expect an egg and get an eye instead? Yikes!

1 comments so far. What are your thoughts?
Unknown said...

Those were some freaky weird images Jessi. The spaghetti looked more like worms than anything else. Yuk!

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