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Creepy Mouth Eye Pictures

There's nothing quite like opening a website and being greeted by Hilary Clinton with eyes matching her mouth. The one below is much smaller and less scary, hehe. Some of the ones on the site are rather creepy, and surprisingly enough, some are pretty, too.

I'm showing you some examples to entice you to go over there, but I don't have "express permission" from the site. And from my experience, waiting around to get permission from sites to post one or two pictures and sending people over to the rest.....takes forever or never happens. I'm giving them free traffic. It's free advertising. If they don't want the samples posted here, hopefully they'll let me know via email and I'd be happy to remove them.

Anywho, expect to find Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Shrek, Tyra, a couple adorable babies, and many, many more creepy/beautiful pictures.

Hilary, Hillary, Clinton, Hillary Clinton, eyes, mouth, creepy, Hilary  style=

Will, Smith, Will Smith

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh!!!! I agree. Hilary looks very, um, strange. Thanks for the warning. Had I not known I might have gone running from the couch causing my laptop to fall to the floor.

Anonymous said...

Those are insanely disturbing. *shudders*

Photoshop: Not just for cloning yourself onto a beach in the Caribbean anymore.

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