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Interestingness -- Photos to Catch Your Eye

Is that a word? According to dictionary.com, it is. According to Webster, nuh uh, no way! :P

Regardless, it's full of interestingnessness, hehe. Actually, the pictures there are absolutely amazing. They're vibrant and full of color. And they're updated almost constantly!

You see little thumbnails of the images and throughout the page, some are fading out and being replaced by another image. When you click on one, it'll make it larger and then you can choose additional sizes if you'd like it even larger or would like to save the image. You can pull by date or randomize the images in the pool, too. They're pulled from Flickr according to this description:
The Flickr interestingness feed is generated by Flickr and there are
many elements that make an image 'interesting' or not. Many of the
features on Flickr - clickthrough sources, users' comments on an image,
the time of the comment, users who add the image as a favourite, the
photo's tags and many more things that are constantly changing over
time all make up the Interestingness feed. Interestingness changes over
time, as more and more fantastic content and stories are added to
It's pretty cool that when you type in a new date, as it updates, it tells you that it's "talking to Flickr." I wanna talk to Flickr. :(

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Blogger said...

This is very interesting there are more photo's tags and many more fantastic content and stories are attract more and more.
David Jones


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