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NaBloPoMo! Consider this Quirky Art Month

Or maybe not Quirky Art Month....QAM doesn't sound that cool, huh? Month of Art Quirkiness - MAQ? Or just QUIRKY -- Quirkiness United In Revealing Kaleidoscopic Yodels.

Yeah, I like that one. Hey, don't tell me there's no yodeling here. Yodel: a songlike cry in which the voice fluctuates rapidly between the normal voice and falsetto. Come on, I do that all the time. One second you're reading words normally and all of a sudden, I'm throwing in exclamation points and rambling through words of excitement! You can imagine just how high-pitched my internet voice gets! I totally yodel and you know it. :P And this place is certainly a kaleidiscope....and I reveal quirkiness all over the place, united all in one place here at Quirky Jessi.

You know it fits. You just think I'm crazy for thinking so. And that's why I love you, hehe.

Anywho, I'd been going through all my links and catching up on newsletters and saved sites, etc, when I started sorting some things into categories to save myself from an even larger mess than I already had. I was planning to split this month of NaBloPoMo into 4 "category" weeks. So each week was going to be a different subject or theme. I have folders for everything from advertising to videos (there's no w, x, y or z because things like "zebra" fell into the "animal" category and who would've predicted that I'd be blogging about yodeling, huh?).

About 4 days into my project of going through all this stuff, getting caught up, and starting a nice little backstock of blog posts, though, my "art" folder was overflowing already. It even had subcategories like "photography" within and I realized that if I was ever going to get through this folder of amazing artwork (I'd already pruned it down quite a bit from my original pruned pile of "oh, that's pretty/beautiful/interesting/*insert generic adjective here* to "this is really quirky-worthy"), then there was no way I could sum it all up in just 7 posts.

So I'm not. I'm writing up this draft back on September 24 and I'll probably tweak it by the time I actually publish for the first of NaBloPoMo, but I already have 40+ links/pieces/artists/creative works of "stuff" that I'd like to share. It'll probably get trimmed down more or I'll meld together my categories into even smaller categories so that some of my posts will feature more than one somewhat similar thing/place/animal/vegetable/mineral.

We'll see. But for now, my theme for the month is going to be "art" related. And remember that people view different things as "art" so some might not look like art to you, but they'll still be here.

Here it is, folks. The beginning of posting every day for month. Want to participate yourself or see others who are doing it? Go here.

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