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Leaving food for stray animals

There's a website called "Found" or "Found Magazine" and it's basically a collection of random things that people have "found." Clever, huh? :P It's usually bits of paper with notes scribbled on them or letters that never got sent, etc. Sometimes there's some really interesting stuff there. I've been stopping by to discover their new findings for a couple years now, I believe, and thought it's about time I shared.

Actually, talking about the site wasn't my original intent. I'd been writing up several posts for QJ and several of them were personal (some of you requested more personal stuff, so I'm working on it). This reminded me of when I was a kid, though, so I guess maybe it stood out above some of the other things I've seen there in the past. They're usually humorous notes or really unusual pieces taken out of context. I suppose this somewhat fits the category, but hey, I went through that stage, too!!

And I never outgrew it. ;-)

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