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50 things you never knew you could do with tennis balls

20) Make a beautiful flower for your sweetheart. You can even fill it with candy, just in case your sweetheart isn’t quite sweet enough yet.
This next "theme" of sorts is going to be tricks of the trade....lots of nitty gritty tips and tricks to help you along.

And as for the tennis balls, the site lists lots of other uses. Well, 49 more to be exact. And many are more practical than the flower....like using them on bottoms of chairs to keep them from scuffing.

Or better yet, slitting them open, inserting some beans/jelly beans, securing shut, and giving to a toddler as a musical instrument. Nifty, yes. Practical, no. That's all you need is for the toddler to suddenly break open the ball and begin shoving beans up his/her nose or swallowing them. Please use caution. ;-)

fairyhedgehog said...

One thing I can't do with a tennis ball is play tennis with it. My husband loves tennis but I've hated it ever since an evil games teacher told me that I had the worst serve that she had ever seen.

Maybe you'll give me a reason for stealing my husband's tennis balls.

Jessi said...

Wow, as a teacher, she shouldn't have told you something like that anyway. Ouch.

loantime said...

Oh, absolutely love the rose one! Perfect gift for a sporty lass on valentines

Anonymous said...

Since we play tennis a lot, my fiancé put a small slit in a tennis ball and used it to present my engagement ring. :)

Also, @fairyhedgehog, I have been watching the Australian Open, and the #5 female player in the world has a serve that is always criticized. Yet she's still #5. I think that so long as you can get it in, preferably with some power, that's all that really counts. Lots of the pros have different ways of doing it.

~ Kristi

fairyhedgehog said...

I wish someone had told my games teacher that, Kristi!

Anonymous said...

@fairyhedgehog, I got really frustrated with tennis and almost quit myself because I just wasn't "getting it" the way my fiancé did. He was used to learning sports a certain way, and I ended up following my own path, which took longer, and looks stranger, but I am improving now. One of the things I like about tennis is no one is judging your technique - if you can make the point, then you made the point. :)

Anonymous said...

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Pretty Things said...

That is brilliant!

But what in the world cuts through that covering?

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