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Geek Hotels Pass the Nerd Test

hotel_sax.jpg picture by quirkyjessi
(Hotel Sax...check out the site for details)


Whether you're into Star Wars, gaming, pretending to be a pilot, Facebook, or a good ol' fashion Rubik's Cube, these hotels have it all! There were 11 total featured back in December on Wired.

ice_hotel.jpg picture by quirkyjessi

Some of the most interesting include:

  • Hotel Avante: To further its "creative clubhouse"
    atmosphere, each room includes an "executive toy box" with a yo-yo, an
    Etch A Sketch, a Rubik's Cube, playing cards and a Slinky."
  • The Pod Hotel: "With free WiFi, iPod docks, relatively inexpensive rooms (called "pods")
    and the opportunity to make new friends in its shared bathrooms, The
    Pod Hotel in Manhattan's Midtown East neighborhood is making a play for the Facebook generation. Nicknamed the "Facebook Hotel," this place has its own social networking site to help guests find someone for dinner, drinks, shopping or whatever."
  • The Ice Hotel (pictured above): "The Icehotel says it offers "an experience of a lifetime as well as an
    encounter with art and design that will surprise your senses." Since
    it's made of ice and snow, that claim sounds perfectly believable. You
    can book hot or cold accommodations at the Icehotel. Each ice room is
    designed by an artist, such as the one shown here by Andrea Thomson."
  • Emirates Palace Hotel: "All suites boast 61-inch plasma TVs (regular rooms have puny
    50-inchers). All guest rooms have handheld computers that control
    switches and outlets ... Free WiFi reaches all poolside areas and even the private beach."
  • Hotel Tomo (pictured below): "Deluxe gaming suites come with PlayStation 3, Wii, beanbag chairs and a 6-foot LCD projection screen."

tomo.jpg picture by quirkyjessi

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'd like an ice room...unless it came with monsterous furry slippers!

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