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Creative 404 Page Not Found Pages

Although I hate clicking a link and finding myself faced with a nasty 404 error, announcing that the page I wanted to see, isn't actually there after all.....I love when people get creative with those pages. It kinda softens the blow, if nothing else, and sometimes makes me giggle.

Here's a collection of really great 404 customizations (which also has some links to some more great error pages, so enjoy!). There's even some great animated ones that were really.....interesting, hehe.

mario.gif picture by quirkyjessi

dickens.gif picture by quirkyjessi22.jpg picture by quirkyjessi
08.jpg picture by quirkyjessi
07.jpg picture by quirkyjessi

gog.jpg picture by quirkyjessi

houston.gif picture by quirkyjessi

fairyhedgehog said...

I had a lot of fun going through these and ended up at some interesting places.

Jessi said...

There really are some great ones there. If their 404 pages are creative, that often times means the rest of the site has at least 'something' that is interesting, lol.

Thanks for stopping by belinha!

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