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If Google were real...

A few things to keep in mind before watching this video:
  1. There is mention of "pron"....*gasp*
  2. This video was done back in 2006, making it a couple years old and somewhat outdated. After all, in the internet world, that's almost antique!
  3. It's "stupid" humor. You're either going to like it or you're going to roll your eyes, groan, and hate me for posting it. Or both.
  4. It's low budget with bad actors.
  5. It's young people....so if young people annoy you or the combination of bad humor and young people annoy you, don't bother. Probably best for those who are in their 20s currently, although others of you will get a kick out of it regardless of age.
  6. The death of dogpile is addressed....so if you're sensitive, consider yourself warned. ;-)
  7. Slight, fake sword violence involved.
  8. If you've been using the internet for less than 6 months and aren't even sure how you landed on my site, this isn't for you, heh.
  9. Blame Dave if you're offended or disappointed in my choice for posting it anyway. :P 
  10. Push play at your own discretion....

fairyhedgehog said...

That was definitely quirky! My only problem with it was hearing all of it but I had a lot of laughs at it. (And I'm not young.)

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