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Special Defects -- Wanna walk barefoot in the sand?

Another of Dave's suggested links from long ago, Special Defects doesn't really seem to have much of a "point," but it's fun to explore.

Once it first completely loads (if you're on a slow connection, it might take a few seconds, I'm sure), you'll see lots of sand and when you move your mouse, stuff will start happening.

That's neat on its own, but what you might not notice is in the 'very' center of the screen, there's a tiny white dot. Move your cursor toward the center to slow things down if you're having a hard time finding it. You'll end up scrolling over the dot regardless, so if you're hesitating to click the link, just because your sight isn't the best, don't worry!

Anyway, that pops up a menu, of sorts, and you're given options like "random, burn, attraction, heart," etc. Pick one and it'll take you to a new screen of special effects (and any time you want to go back, there's generally another white dot or you can just refresh the page and it'll take you home). Try out "explosions" and click around on the night sky or "random" for a random (shocking, huh? ) display of various effects.

There are only so many choices and they're not all very interesting at all, but if you've got a few seconds to spare, you might enjoy checking it out

Kitty said...

Hooray for fun time-wasters! I was gonna do my homework, but this is much better! I didn't want to read about U.S. Foreign Policy in Africa anyway.

fairyhedgehog said...

This is fun. Thanks for pointing out the white dot in the centre. I think I'd have missed it otherwise.

Jessi said...

@Kitty - Yeah, this is definitely better than the U.S. Foreign Policy in Africa!

@Fairy - I didn't see it the first time I was there either. Fortunately, Dave pointed it out to me or I would've just thought it was a site of footprints.....which is cool, but short lived.

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