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Le whif -- The chocolate you inhale

Yep, this is the "revolutionary new way of eating chocolate".....by not eating it at all. Now I like chocolate more than most people.

Remember, the only wedding dress I could ever see myself actually considering is one made of chocolate? And I own a bottle of cocoa butter lotion for the sheer sake of it smelling like chocolate.

But this? Oh my. I know people could use it to smell chocolate when they're craving it instead of actually indulging in it. Or sure, a quick pick-me-up. But for me? It'd make me want the real thing even more!

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fairyhedgehog said...

I'm not eating chocolate at the moment as I'm avoiding sugar for health reasons. Even though this would mean chocolate with fewer calories you still take it into your mouth. And there are only four whiffs to a tube! I can't see it catching on.

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